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Administrative Professional Certificate: Level 2

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  • English CLB 7
  • See details below

Course Description

The Administrative Professional Certificate: Level 2 builds upon foundational skills and introduces more complex concepts necessary for higher-level administrative roles, enhancing your ability to think critically and solve problems while working effectively in teams.

This program covers intermediate software applications, enhanced customer service techniques, stress management, problem-solving, team building, and workplace safety.

Course Outline

MS Office Intermediate

  • MS Excel Intermediate: Advanced spreadsheet functions, data analysis, and complex formulas.
  • MS Word Intermediate: Enhanced document formatting, templates, and advanced editing features.

Critical Thinking

  • Understanding the importance and components of critical thinking.
  • Steps and techniques for applying critical thinking in problem-solving and decision-making.

Customer Service

  • Advanced communication strategies to improve customer interactions.
  • Techniques for recognizing and addressing the needs of various customers.
  • Methods to handle challenging customer interactions professionally and effectively.

Stress Management

  • Identifying stressors and implementing strategies to manage stress.
  • Practical techniques for managing stress in the workplace to maintain productivity and well-being.

Problem Solving

  • Basic principles and steps of effective problem-solving.
  • Enhancing problem-solving skills through various techniques and exercises.
  • Methods to accurately identify and define problems.
  • Strategies for generating and evaluating potential solutions.

Team Building

  • Best practices for effective teamwork and collaboration.
  • Techniques for clear and efficient communication within a team.

Workplace Safety

Guidelines and procedures for managing and responding to dangerous situations in the workplace.


  • Recommended English CLB 7
  • Have access to a device that meets the system requirements to use Northwest Skills Institute online courses

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