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Quality Assurance Technician Training Program

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  • English CLB 7
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Course Description

The Quality Assurance Technician Training Program is an engaging and interactive online course designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in quality assurance. Combining comprehensive theoretical learning with practical applications, this program ensures that you are well-prepared to meet industry standards and excel in your role. Upon successful completion, you will earn a prestigious Certificate of Achievement, demonstrating your expertise and commitment to quality. 

Course Outline

Introduction to Quality Systems

Learners explore key topics such as the importance of quality systems, ISO 9000 standards, roles and responsibilities in quality management, and the function of various quality organizations. Understanding these concepts is essential for implementing effective quality systems and ensuring compliance with industry standards in Quality Assurance (QA). 

Building Blocks of Arithmetic and Geometry

Students begin with basic arithmetic operations, progressing through fractions, decimals, and intermediate math topics such as positive and negative numbers, Cartesian coordinates, and the metric system. They also gain a thorough understanding of geometry, including angles, lines, polygons, circles, and three-dimensional shapes. These skills are crucial for precise measurements, calculations, and problem-solving in QA tasks, enabling accurate assessment of product dimensions, tolerances, and critical parameters. 

Ensuring Safe Work Environments

These modules equip learners with essential knowledge and skills to maintain and promote safety in the workplace. Topics include basic safety principles, emergency procedures, proper use of personal protective equipment, and hazardous material management. Mastery of these topics helps QC technicians minimize risks, prevent accidents, and ensure a safe and productive work environment. 

Advanced Quality Management

Students learn about Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques, including control charts and process capability. These skills allow technicians to monitor and improve production processes continuously, identify trends, reduce variability, and implement effective problem-solving strategies, leading to enhanced product quality and consistency. 

Communication and Technical Writing

These modules enhance verbal and written communication skills, enabling technicians to document findings, report quality issues, and collaborate efficiently with team members. Clear and precise documentation is vital for maintaining records and ensuring that quality standards are consistently met. 

Teamwork, Collaboration, and Conflict Management

These modules emphasize the importance of collaboration in a QC technician’s role. Understanding group communication, effective collaboration, and conflict management helps technicians work harmoniously within teams, fostering a cooperative environment. Leadership and creativity in team dynamics are crucial for problem-solving and decision-making processes. Additionally, learning strategies to manage and resolve conflicts effectively is essential for maintaining a positive work environment and ensuring smooth operations. 

Career Development

These modules provide guidance on job search strategies, networking, resume writing, and interview preparation. They also help technicians transition smoothly into new roles and develop long-term career goals, ensuring sustained professional growth and success in the field of Quality Assurance. 


  • Recommended CLB 7 (Canadian Language Benchmark)—Equivalent to IELTS 6 or TOEFL 77-99
  • Have access to a device that meets the system requirements to use Northwest Skills Institute online courses.

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