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Composite Manufacturing & Repair Technician

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  • English CLB 7
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Course Description

The Composite Manufacturing & Repair Technician certificate program is an online program designed to help you gain the skills and knowledge required for work as an entry-level composite’s fabricator. 

The use of composite materials in manufacturing is expanding quickly. Composites are now used in automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and sports equipment. The benefits of light weight and strength make the applications of composite materials endless. Composite manufacturing & repair technicians manufacture products by laying up layers of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and other composite fabrics. 

Course Outline


Starting with basic arithmetic operations and an introduction to numbers and the number line, Part 1 of this course then progresses to working with fractions, decimals, and understanding positive and negative numbers. Students will also learn about the Cartesian coordinate system and the metric system. 

Safety Courses

These courses focus on workplace safety, personal protective equipment, and handling hazardous materials. They are designed to ensure that individuals understand and can implement safety practices in the workplace to prevent accidents and injuries. 

Introduction to Composites and Manufacturing Facilities

Learn about the history, industries, and applications of composite materials, including their advantages, disadvantages, and associated safety hazards. Explore the layout and design of composite manufacturing facilities, focusing on layup and curing areas, and understand how to manage contamination and ensure efficient workflow in these specialized environments. 

Materials, Tools, and Processes in Composite Manufacturing

Delve into the various materials used in composite manufacturing, such as fiber-based composites, matrix types, and core materials. Understand the tools required, including forming tools and advanced equipment like overhead laser systems, and learn best practices for tool inspection, cleaning, and storage. Master the techniques for kitting materials and the processes involved in layup and bagging to ensure precision and quality in composite parts. 

Composite Layup Projects and Inspection

Engage in practical projects involving unidirectional 4-ply, carbon 8-ply with core, and fiberglass 6-ply wet layups. Learn the essential techniques for inspecting composite parts, including visual, ultrasonic, and tap inspection methods to ensure quality and integrity. 

Job Search and Career Development

Master the fundamentals of job searching, including how to kick off your search, find job opportunities, and network effectively. Gain insights into crafting resumes and cover letters, navigating the interview process, and addressing special interview concerns. Learn how to make a positive impression during interviews and understand post-interview steps. Additionally, acquire tips on surviving your first day at work and turning a job into a long-term career. 


  • Recommended CLB 7 (Canadian Language Benchmark)—Equivalent to IELTS 6 or TOEFL 77-99
  • Have access to a device that meets the system requirements to use Northwest Skills Institute online courses.

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