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  • English CLB 7
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Course Description

Is the customer always right? Maybe, or maybe not. Regardless of who the right one is, as the service provider or merchant, we should always be able to provide excellent customer service. Outstanding customer service carries an impact beyond the transaction itself, leading to higher customer satisfaction, enhanced loyalty, and a more substantial brand reputation.

Sign up and learn how to meet your customer needs and build respectful and trustworthy customer relationships while dealing with difficult situations that may arise.

Course Outline

Providing Friendly, Courteous, and Efficient Service

Your interactions with customers set the tone for your long-term relationships. In this module, you’ll learn how to make your clients/customers feel welcome, create a positive impression, and interact with them in a way that will convert them to a regular client/customer.

Communicating Effectively

Whether you are interacting with internal or external customers, effective communication is vital. Effective communication makes it possible to understand your customers’ needs.

Learn how to define trigger phrases, use different forms of communication, and choose a more efficient approach to deliver the message to your clients/customers.

Building a Strong Relationship

Serve and provide an excellent customer service in such a way that you build strong relationships with your clients/customers that will helps create loyal, repeat customers.

Better Serving Customers with Disabilities

Learn how to work well with customers with all types of disabilities. You will discover general guidelines for working with customers who have a special condition and learn about special considerations required.

Responding to Customer Complaints and Managing Difficult Situation

When you work in customer service, dealing with unhappy customers is unavoidable. You often encounter a wide range of customer personalities, some are fun to work with while others are more difficult to handle no matter the situation.

Learn how to deal with different types of difficult customers and how to respond to customer complaints to process the problem that can help you and the customers reach a mutually agreeable solution.

Managing Conflict with Internal Customers

Difficult situations don’t occur only with your external customers; they can occur with your internal customers as well. In this course, you will also learn the cause of conflict with internal customers and what you can do to manage it.

Coping with On-the-Job-Stress

Employees who provide customer service are often affected by stress due to the nature of their work. FIgure out what you can do to better cope with on-the-job stress and burnout.


  • Recommended CLB 7 (Canadian Language Benchmark)—Equivalent to IELTS 6 OR TOEFL 77-99
  • Have access to a device that meets the system requirements to use Northwest Skills Institute online courses.

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