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Course Catalog

Course Catalog

Our skills course catalog contains over 752 discrete skills courses to help you maximize your workforce's potential.

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Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Our train-the-trainer programs are designed to teach you, or your staff, how to teach virtually any subject to your workforce.

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Our Program Coordinators

Our Program Coordinators

Our specialized team of curriculum developers, instructors, and subject matter experts can create and deliver specialized and customized training for any industry.

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Many social benefit organizations work to support the employability of barriered and under-represented individuals. NorthWest Skills Institute is your training partner, providing technical and training expertise for a number of high-priority industries. Let’s work together to build employment pathways to fill critical job vacancies.​

We are experts in validating the Essential Skills of barriered individuals to identify skills gaps and training requirements. Using formal and informal assessment strategies, we identify the foundational and Essential Skills learners need for success in the careers they seek.

We have developed applied English language training, customized by job and industry, to help workforces improve comprehension and communication. We deliver training for CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) Levels 3 and higher with a focus on providing participants with the language skills they need to stay safe and to increase productivity. ​

We work with industry to identify the skills their workforces need and how best to teach those technical skills to barriered individuals so they can gain meaningful and rewarding employment. We can also issue industry recognized certifications such as Six Sigma, Lean and many more. ​

We offer a range of workplace safety programs to ensure that your workforce has the safety skills they need to protect themselves and others. Our program offerings include: occupational first aid, training, fall protection, confined space, back safety basics, employment standards and many more. ​

In addition to technical skills, successful workers possess people skills such as communication, teamwork and problem solving. We work with program participants to build on the skills they have and to develop new skills they need to strengthen their hire-ability and to increase their chances of long-term attachment to their new jobs. ​

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