Effective communication takes work

Workplace Communication

Communicating with co-workers, customers and clients is an important part of everyone’s work. How well we communicate can impact safety, productivity and success. Recent research suggests that somewhere between 50 – 80% of workers report that miscommunication often occurs at their workplaces. Given the importance of communication, it’s surprising how little training time is devoted to improving this skill.

NWSkills Online offers a range of courses that target the most important areas workers need to build and improve upon their communication skills. Topics covered include: strategies for effective communication, verbal and nonverbal communication, written communication, listening skills and communicating in conflict situations.

If you’re not sure which courses to take, our learning and development team can conduct an organizational needs assessment to help you map out a learning path that targets the skills your workforce needs.

To get the Workplace Communication Certificate, students will have to complete all fundamental courses plus electives accumulating at least 6 hours of training.

See below to learn about the communication courses and certificates offered by NorthWest Skills Institute.

Communication Programs