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Total Program Hours:

196 hours

Program Duration:

8 weeks

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COVID-19 Response Training for Manufacturing, Material Handling and Supply Chain (MMHSC) Program

Start Date: March 8th, 2021
* Contact us for additional start dates.

The surge in demand for consumer goods and healthcare supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic
has led to an increase in manufacturing jobs for production workers and supervisors, warehouse
workers, manufacturing engineers, and quality control specialists, among others. The COVID-19
Response Training for Manufacturing, Material Handling and Supply Chain (MMHSC) program is a 8-
week FREE online training program
designed to help you gain the skills and knowledge
to work safely in this essential industry.

With an online instructor there to guide you, this FREE online training program is available to take
from the comfort of your home that will lead to better job opportunities when you are finished.

Upon completion of the training, you will receive an industry recognized certificate and support to
pursue job opportunities. With individualized one-one support, we will help you meet your next
career goal.

Why not take this opportunity to do something with your time?


  • Permanent Resident, Canadian Citizen and Protected Persons
  • Unemployed and Underemployed (part time, casual, or seasonal)
  • Active EI and IA recipients okay
  • CLB 7+


  • Access to a computer with audio, video and reliable Wi-Fi
  • Proficient in navigating webpages
  • Commitment to completing training and working full time at end of training

Expected starting salary range for jobs upon completion of training are $15-18/per hour.

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