Drug & Alcohol Awareness

Understanding the implications of working under the influence

Employee Training

Total Program Hours:

1 hours

Program Duration:

Less than 1 day

Drug & Alcohol Awareness: Staying Fit for Work

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The Drug & Alcohol Awareness: Staying Fit for Work course is a 1-hour workshop designed to help workers develop an understanding of the safety and legal implications of working while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The impact of alcohol and other drug use in conjunction with work can be significant in terms of employee health, workplace and public safety, and operational productivity.

This course is meant to be used as part of the employee-training portion of the workplace alcohol and drug policy.

Learning Objectives

This course covers the following topics:

  • Being fit for work
  • Why does this matter to you?
  • The rules & regulations
  • Getting tested
  • Getting help if you need it
  • Stress management techniques


Minimum age: 16

Minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 6 or equivalent

This is a Northwest Skills Institute licensed course. This means that you may purchase a license to deliver this training in-house to your workers.

However, Northwest Skills can offer a trainer if needed.

Being Fit For Duty

Workers learn about their legal responsibilities and rights.

Required Program Materials

  • In-Person
    • None
  • ¬†Online
    • Access to the internet
    • Computer with a modern web browser installed (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)

Program Fee

$39.95Price quoted is per person and does not include GST. Subject to change without notice.

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