AMPUP - Upskilling Canadian Manufacturing Workers

Up to 75% off select manufacturing certifications

Northwest Skills Institute is excited to introduce Next Generation Manufacturing Canada’s (NGen), one of five industry super clusters, new industry support initiative – Accelerating Manufacturing Performance Upskilling Program (AMPUP).

Under this program, NGen will provide funding to offset the cost of skills training for Canadian manufacturing enterprises to up skill their workers.

The initial course catalogue includes the following Northwest Skills Institute web-based certifications which can be completed from home or office:

Program Regular Price NGen Member AMPUP Price
Advanced Manufacturing Technician $1,920.00 $480.00
Manufacturing Productivity (Lean/6 Sigma) $2,450.00 $612.00
Mechatronics & Industrial Automation Technician $2,980.00 $745.00

These courses are being offered at a discount to NGen members to help ensure manufacturing, one of Canada’s critical strategic industries, can up skill its workforce, including new hires.

Please go to this link to become a member of NGen Canada (free membership) and to access the training.

* Companies will also potentially qualify for the Canada Employer Training Grant.

Select AMPUP Courses