Respiratory Hazards Awareness

Fundamentals Training

Total Program Hours:

4 hours

Program Duration:

1 day

Respiratory Hazards Awareness

Respiratory hazards such as gases, mold spores, toxic fumes and vapors, pose major problems for employees because many hazards cannot easily be seen or smelled. Respiratory problems also come from visible hazards such as dust, and fibers.

Respiratory hazards may pose an immediate threat to health, while others may cause long-term damage. In this 4-hour course, workers learn about respiratory hazards and how to protect themselves.

Learning Objectives

Topics Covered Include:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Recognizing respiratory safety hazards
  • Emergency procedures for respiratory hazard emergencies
  • Selecting appropriate PPE for respiratory protection
  • Evaluating a respirator seal for fit
  • Following proper maintenance procedures

Northwest Skills Institute offers a wide variety of training and consulting options including risk assessment, needs analysis and train the trainer programs.

Consulting services offered include:

  • needs analysis
  • site-specific hazard assessments
  • specialized safety training
  • health and safety program planning and review
  • train the trainer training is available for all course offerings

Program Fee

$70.00Price quoted is per person and does not include GST. Subject to change without notice.

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