Quality Assurance Technician

Median: $26/hour

The salary for this position ranges from $17.40 to 46.10 per hour


Labour demand and labour supply are expected to be broadly in line for this occupation group over the period of 2015-2024 at the national level.

Employment type

99% of all workers in this occupation work full-time.


Women make up 22% of the workers in this occupational group.

Brief Program Description

The Quality Assurance Technician program is an 9 week online program designed to help students gain the skills and knowledge required for work as entry-level quality assurance technicians.

When products like cell phones, computers, or automobiles leave the factory, it’s the quality assurance technician that makes sure they work.

Also known as inspectors or testers, quality assurance technicians work on a wide range of challenging projects across multiple industries.

Critical to the success of any product development team, quality assurance technicians make a difference. They reduce the cost of production, decrease maintenance expenses, and increase customer safety and satisfaction.

Hiring Industries

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Civil infrastructure
  • Construction
  • Consumer products
  • Electrical equipment
  • Marine
  • Medical devices
Admission Requirements

Minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 or equivalent

Program Prerequisites


Program Duration

2 months completing 3 modules a day (141 hours)


CAD $2,980
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